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Henry's Fork River

Our Mission...



Henry's Fork Elementary encourages and nurtures
the love of learning
by teaching
basic skills and good citizenship
so all individuals can become successful.


Grades K - 5
Monday - Thursday  8:00 a.m. - 3:15 p.m.

Friday 8:00 a.m. - 1:45 p.m.

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Meet Our Administrators

Mr. Davenport - Principal

Mrs. Griffel - Teacher Support Specialist



9/25 - 10/6  Harvest Break
10/9  School resumes

New release time
3:10 walkers and pick up
3:15 Bus students

New Bus Routine

10/26  Bell Photo Retakes
10/28  Halloween PTO Carnival
           6:00-8:00 p.m. SFJH
10/30  District 7 Student Flu Shots
           (with parent permission paper)
10/31   Happy Halloween
10/31   Kindergarten costume parade
            9:30 (up and down hallways)

In a continued effort to improve our school and to make our school a safer place, it has been decided to change how our students are picked up and dropped off each day.  Our bus students will no longer be picked up or dropped off in front of Henry’s Fork Elementary.  The buses will, instead, line up in the parking-lot between Henry’s Fork Elementary and the Junior High.  This change will occur when we return from the Harvest Break.  
The new bussing system will require that we make several changes to our schedule and procedures.  The school release time will be extended to 3:15 (3:10 for walkers–1:40 and 1:45 on Fridays).  All bus students will enter and exit through the Mesa Falls Hallway.  A gate will be created in our fence to allow students to cross the playground from the junior high parking lot where they are dropped off.  We will have staff supervising both places before and after school.  
Additionally, we will change the drop off areas out front of the school.  Parents and patrons are invited to use the lane next to the curb (formally, the bus lane).  I will continue to be out there opening doors for those who would like to say “hello.”  Since the students will not be crossing through traffic, they may get out of your car anywhere along that sidewalk.  I will ask you to keep the lane to the left open for traffic flow–parents will be able to pull out into this lane after dropping off their students.  If someone were to park in that lane, patrons in the drop off lane would have to wait to pull out.  After school, you may park in the lane next to the sidewalk.  Please keep the center lane open for through traffic.  
Whenever you make a change, you will also have to make adjustments. I imagine that we will learn a lot the first few days of changing to this new procedure.  Please work with us.  We want to make our school the safest place possible.  I know that we can make this change successful, but it will be more successful with your support.  Thank you.