Principal's Message

Dear Parents and Patrons,

    A few years ago, the community showed their support for our students and staff by funding the remodel of our building. We have a beautiful and functional building that was built with the students and their future in mind. At the same time, we have worked at remodeling our instruction to better prepare our students for their academic future. If you were to observe our classrooms, you would find highly qualified teachers and paraprofessionals who focus on student engagement. It would be apparent what the students are learning, and how that learning is applicable to their lives. You would see teachers and paraprofessionals who enjoy their careers and who love their students.

    It is wonderful to work here and to work with your students. I hope that you enjoy your experience here at Henry’s Fork Elementary, and that you feel free to visit with me with any concern or question.
                                                                               Mr. Davenport